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Sophie What are diabetics nutrient needs?
Jeff Hi my son has just been diagnosed with Diabetes 1. I have been researching this procedure called Islet Transplant. I wanted to know if a living person can have these cells transplanted to some one with Diabetes, or can it only be transplanted from a deceased person.
Vicki Hi I'm a teachers aide in primary school assisting with diabetes management. I wanted to know in a school setting with time constraints is it okay to treat a hypo then inject insulin followed by lunch then retest in 10-15 mins or should there be a BGL test after 15 mins then insulin injected then lunch. I've seen both options and while the first option is better for the time frames. I wonder if the second is much better for diabetes management. Thanks. Vicki.
Caitlyn Has it been proven that Type 1 Diabetes is a cause of infertility?
Darcy i have been really thirsty today like i drank around 4.5 litres of word and have urinated about 4-6 times today, is there a possibility i may have diabetes ???? :(((
Tristin Hi, I have type diabetes and my son who is almost 10 has been having fainting spells for a couple of years now. He is needle phobic so getting blood from him is a nightmare. His fainting has been bad this week and I took his sugar level before dinner and it was 9.2. They eat really healthy because of me. However I am a little concerned.
Maddy Hi how do I tell if I have diabetes. Because I think I have it and my parents just think that's its normal that I am fainting a lot. My teacher was with me at school and I fainted all of a sudden and she said I have low blood pressure like her what does that mean.
Mindy What happens when you don't take insulin in the type two diabete
yana Hi, I was wondering what the normal range for a 7 year old would be ....i took my 7 year old daughters sugar level at 7.30pm and it was 7.1 ,after checking my husbands as he has type 2 ,i am worried that my daughter will get or has diabetes
Adam Hi all. Does anyone live on the Gold Coast? If you do check out www.dartfitness.com.au and get in contact with me!

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