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Graeme Curwen I have just come back from the supermarket with 3 different brands of jelly beans for my 13 yr old son with type 1 diabetes. It was a real surprise to find that of all the different food colouring listed on the info panels, the colour 153 is banned in the USA, and the colour 160c is not permitted in Australia. Several others were recommended to avoid by the Hyperactive Children's Support Group; 102, 120, 122, 133. Can anyone recommend a brand of jelly beans that is free from additives of concern? Many thanks Graeme Curwen
Kezen How many children are hospitalisedin Australia per year due to diabetes?
Kate Are there any organisations who provide a professional to explain diabetes management to staff at a school?
Jane what can you tell me thats important or different in female puberty and diabetes type 1
Jillian My teen has insulin resistance. We are struggling with getting her to control Her eating and she will not exercise. I can not find any support groups or programs. Is there anything available in our area- Sydney North Shore
Phillip Effect of one chocolate cube to BSL ratio?
Kavitha HI my child's urine was attracted by ants and she could not control the urine
ajith i am ajith. ants attracted my urine. iam not diabetic. now iam 20 years old. this problem was started when i was 14. urine analysis result was normal. i am really worried.
quinn What are diabetes
Clare What support is there for teachers in Private school in NSW surrounding support/education for managing or teaching a child with diabetes? My son is 5 years old, in kind, would love some education of the teachers. Thanks

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